10/10 for Mindful with your Toddler

The training ‘Mindful with your Toddler’ of January 2020, received a 10/10 average from her participants. Floor and Iris speak about how they experienced trainers Loes Glandorff and co-trainer and pedagogue Julia Offermans.

Floor (31, mother of Lucas)

“Loes and Julia have a very knowledgable. They are both pleasant to be around, which created a comfortable atmosphere.

Julia has a lot of specific knowledge on the behaviour and development of toddlers. Besides that she is sweet, and within no-time she wrapped the toddlers around her finger. Lucas felt at ease with her and looked her up many times to play together. Because of that, I was at ease too, and felt safe to close my eyes during meditations. On top of that she gave valuable feedback and information based on her observations, and shared interesting theories from her profession.

Loes makes sharp observations and is in tune with what is necessary per situation. She radiates peace and has a nice voice, which is pleasant during meditations. Thank you for all the knowledge and skills, this training was a special journey.”

Iris (34, mother of Maan)

“Loes is a warm, understanding trainer, with a lot of knowledge. She guides you well. She is sincere and speaks open an honost about her own experiences. She can summarize your story and pose questions that make you think.

Julia is a good and comfortable trainer with a lot of knowledge. She guided me and my pre-schooler well, even when I was meditating with my eyes closed. She describes and explains the toddlers universe very well.

Loes gives you a sense of trust and confidence. She will ask good follow-up questions, and when you get off topic she will bring you back politely and empathically. She applies her knowledge with precision.

Julia has a lot of applied knowledge. She can name the behaviours of your toddler with precision, as well as explain the theory behind it. She gives a feeling of trust and the children feel at ease with her. She guides them well.”

– Thank you Iris and Floor for your fantastic feedback, and for your motivation and hard work during the training!

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Due to COVID-19 all Amsterdam courses and workshops are postponed or cancelled.
To support the containment of the virus, all live activities are postponed or cancelled. Coming weeks we will assess the possibilities.

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‘Treat yourself to this course’

Iris (38) is mother of Maan (3,5) and halfway ‘Mindful with your toddler’. In this long read she explains why this course is great and you too should join.

Iris, what led you to join the training?

I felt that I could use a bit more peace and tranquility. Sometimes I’m preoccupied with so many things at once. I know that things are easier with the children when my mind is not somewhere else. Bit that is so difficult to stop and I thought a mindfulness course could be helpful. It was the beginning of the year and I thought ‘Yes, I’ll make a great start with 2020.’

You’ve had four sessions without Maan and one session together with your daughter. How were the first four sessions for you?

It was very relaxing. It is such a good start of your Friday and the weekend. It is nice to have time to myself and to see other mothers who are struggling with the same things. During the breaks it was great to talk about motherhood. That there is space in the program to chat, is very valuable for me.

“In daily life you just get on with things, but here you explore your mind. Bizarre how much comes by in a few seconds.”

The sessions have a great energy and build-up: you begin with meditating and then there’s a mix between exercises and theory. It is good to know why you do something, then it is easier to absorb.
The workbook covers all the theory from the sessions, plus you have all meditations on audio. This will help after the course to continue to practice.

The later sessions are a bit more confronting, as you observe the way you parent. But for me that is great, as I get to know myself better this way. Where in daily life you just get on with things, here you discover the workings of your mind. Bizarre how many thoughts come by in just a few seconds. And taking the time for this exploration has given me valuable insights in how the brain works. It is a beautiful addition to not just meditate, but also gaining knowledge of your brain and yourself.

The main part of the training happens at home: daily meditations of 10 to 20 minutes, keeping a log and doing exercises in daily life. Was that helpful for you? Or were it purely the insights that work for you?

No, exercising is definitely helpful. It was good to first do the new exercises in the sessions, and then to continue at home. There you notice fluctuations in you attention: sometimes it goes well and other times you’re continuously distracted. It is great for your process to learn to accept whatever is happening.

Small exercises such as doing something with full attention, were not so easy to do. I am happy they are part of the program, it keeps you active. But planning something extra – even for only ten minutes – works out only some of the time.

I loved doing the body scan, but in the evenings I would often fall asleep. During the day when the children are not around, it is much easier to meditate. In the weekend it is often more difficult to get around to.

“After the breathing space I felt a lot more tranquil and I thought ‘Wow, this is amazing, I can do this more often’.”

So you have encountered what can be difficult for many of us: with children around you sometimes literally have no time to spare, or it is simply hard to think of yourself and to create space for you.

Yes. The small meditations are therefore great. The three minute breathing space is easier to implement in daily life. For example last week when we had to be somewhere on time, it was clear that we were not going to make it. I felt the stress rise and thought ‘Okay, this is my moment. I will take a breathing space, even if it means that we will be three minutes later.’ After the breathing space I felt a lot more tranquil and because of that the children relaxed too. That’s when I thought ‘Wow, this is amazing, I can do this more often’.

You mentioned that you would like to learn to do one thing at a time. We have practiced with that in the training. Was that helpful for you?

Yes. I sometimes have to tell myself consciously ‘Okay, let go of what I want to do and give attention to the kids’. Or the other way around I tell the kids ‘Mom is cooking at the moment and when I am finished I will join you’. I used to say that once in a while, but I wasn’t always consistent. Now I experience the pleasure of finishing a task. Or I am able to consciously stop doing something, without staying preoccupied with it. Of course sometimes that is easier then others.

I am happy that I started ‘Mindful with your toddler’ and not with a normal mindfulness course that was just for me. I am a mother after all, and life with kids can be busy. In this course you get shorter meditations, and practical exercises for daily life. That is much easier to implement then long meditations.

It seems that you mainly benefit from shifting gear and taking mini moments for yourself, is that right?

Yes. And I notice that I can handle certain emotions from my daughter much better. You tend to solve for example the crying of your child. Now I more often tell her ‘You can feel angry, that is okay’. I notice that when I feel more acceptance, emotions pass quicker or Maan accepts comfort easier.

“Amazing to feel an itch pass. And if itches pass, emotions will too.”

In one meditation there is a simple experiment: trying not to scratch an itch. It is amazing to notice that it works. That indeed you do not need to scratch and it will still pass. And if itches pass, emotions will too.

Your first session together with Maan, how was that for you?

It was beautiful. Very different from the first sessions, where you have all the time to yourself. This is still time for you but it is different with a child. But it is really good to practice this way, because in daily life you also don’t have time for yourself necessarily.
It was great to see the children play while we talked or meditated. Usually they’re happy just to interact with co-trainer Julia. It was nice to see that everybody was fine with how things went. Everyone knows that toddlers can’t be managed to perfection. And because we were confident and full of trust, the children felt safe. They went about their own business and sometimes checked in with us.

How did you experience Julia and me as trainers?

You complement each other very well. I found that you as a trainer move well with the presence of the children. You followed the program but also kept an eye on the energy and needs of the children. You adjusted the program to their needs and that made it very comfortable.

I felt very much at ease during the sessions. I feel that I can share anything without it being judged. During the first sessions I felt pampered and it feels great to be appreciated as a mother.
During the session with Maan, the guidance of the co-trainer is incredibly valuable, as you can let go of your toddler for a while. Maan can come to me when she wants, and when she is simply playing, she is being taken care of. That feels like a present.

I do not have criticism really. It is all very comfortable for me. ‘Mindful with your toddler’ is a valuable course for everyone. I would say that it should be covered by standard health-insurance. I think that every parent will benefit.

“Motherhood can be tough and you will benefit from this course the rest of your life.”

If a parent isn’t sure about joining the course, what would you –

–  Let them call me. I’m serious. When someone isn’t sure it is better to hear from a participant than from the trainer.
If someone is in doubt, I want to emphasize that you gain a lot for yourself and for your family as a whole, not just for your toddler. Many exercises are applicable to older children and adults. It is an important factor in your decision, because I was also in doubt: ‘Maan is almost four, is it still useful?’

Give yourself a present, treat yourself to this training. Motherhood can be tough and it can be great to have some attention for yourself. And this course can benefit you for the rest of your life.

I believe that many mothers are harsh to themselves. Nowadays you want to be a good mother, a good partner, have a good social life and have the house in order, plus your work. Than it is a relief if someone says in the training ‘It’s okay. It is good the way it is. It doesn’t matter what you are feeling, you can accept it’. That makes everything softer and bearable. I notice that when such a thing is said, I feel myself relax and think ‘Oh yes, you can do it this way as well, it is fine like this.’

(Nederlands) Mindful begin van 2020

Komende weken gaan drie trainingen van start. Er zijn nog plaatsen beschikbaar, dus meld je snel aan!


Mindful met je baby
17 januari 2020

Vrijdagen van 13:30 tot 15:30
bij Rumah Yoga in Amsterdam Noord
met co-trainer Toos van Pampus
10/1 (zonder baby), 17/1, 24/1, 31/1 (zonder baby), 7/2, 14/2, 21/2, 28/2; terugkomsessie: 8/5/2020

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Mindful met je peuter
24 januari 2020

Vrijdagen van 10:00 tot 12:00
bij Rumah Yoga
co-trainer: Julia Offerman

Sessies zonder peuter: 24/1, 31/1, 7/2, 14/2
met je peuter: 28/2, 6/3, 13/3, 20/3, 27/3
terugkomsessie zonder peuter: 29/5

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Mindfulnesstraining (MBSR)
English spoken
22nd of January

Wednesdays from 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Dates sessions: 22/1, 29/1, 5/2, 12/2, 19/2, 26/2, 4/3, 11/3
Mini retreat: 29/2 from 2:00pm to 8:00pm
@ Yogaschool Noord
Nachtegaalstraat 157 (entry through Havikslaan 20-22)
1021 EZ Amsterdam

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Nieske and Claudio about their family course

A few weeks ago Nieske and Claudio completed ‘Mindful with your Toddler’ with their two daughters. For 9 weeks I came into their home to teach. This is what they have to say about doing the course as a family.

Claudio: “I would recommend this to every family. I am surprised myself. I was sceptical at first, life is busy especially as we are moving within a few months. But the sessions felt like taking a holiday, spending time together as a family. And in the evenings, instead of watching Netflix or reading a book alone, you link together, doing the exercises or meditating together.
To be happy and feel good as a parent, you need go out of your comfort zone. Learn to be mindful within yourself and connected to your partner. Therefore we both wish to keep exercising.”

Nieske: “The most important take away from this course for me is the awareness of seeing us as a family of four, together as a mini universe with its own dynamics. Before the course started I was focused on my relations and links with each family member only. I was very judgemental and non-forgiving towards myself and my partner. The course has made me feel, see and learn how to be non-judging and compassionate and it has brought us all so much closer. We are now facing each other and holding hands, rather than each of us looking in to a different direction.”

Have you seen changes in these past 9 weeks?

Claudio: “Yes, I am able to speak a bit more openly about our challenges and struggles as a family. I am able to make some time to myself and to my family. I am able to meditate a bit. It is not easy to open about emotions, feelings and sensations. But I learned that opening up can be fun too. I benefit from mindfulness to slow down, being less anxious and more focused, and also to be more aware of the present time with my daughters. ”

Nieske: “Yes, I have seen and mostly felt changes in the past 9 weeks. We were fortunate to do the program with the entire family. My partner and I seemed to have become more present in moments with our daughters, which makes that we seem to better listen and respond their needs. We now enjoy to slow down and do the bath ritual in the evening with laughter or clean the kitchen after dinner whilst having fun. When my partner and I get agitated and respond to each other in a grumpy way, we more quickly realise that we can change our attitude and tone which changes dynamics instantly. I am more aware of my own feelings and reactions to my eldest daughter and have become better at recognising and changing my patterns and habits of just being angry with her.”

What was the added value to do the ourse as a family?

Nieske: “It was not only nice to do the course as a family; having time together and tuning in to oneanother it was also nice to do the homework and readings together with my partner. We were able to speak about it together and feel and see the differences at the same time, although in our own way and pace. I felt like I did not have to explain myself into depth or I felt I did not have to defend myself for doing this course. We both started a new journey. Having been able to do this course as a family feels like it amplifies the power of the course.”

What can you say about the trainer?

Nieske: “I loved doing te course with Loes. I felt secure and comfortable. Loes guided us throughout the course and with the personal intake at home she was even able to make my partner comfortable enough for him to decide to join in. My daughters enjoyed her company too. She has a wonderful voice, asks sharp questions, responds spot on, speaks with a lot of nuances and details and can explain both theory and is sensitive to feelings.

What would you say to other parents?

Claudio: “Give it a try you don’t have anything to lose. Actually you will gain more for participating in this programme and your family would benefit greatly from it.”

Thank you Claudio and Nieske!
Would you like to do a course as a family? Look on mindfulmetjekindje.nl for more information.

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