The training ‘Mindful with your Toddler’ of January 2020, received a 10/10 average from her participants. Floor and Iris speak about how they experienced trainers Loes Glandorff and co-trainer and pedagogue Julia Offermans.

Floor (31, mother of Lucas)

“Loes and Julia have a very knowledgable. They are both pleasant to be around, which created a comfortable atmosphere.

Julia has a lot of specific knowledge on the behaviour and development of toddlers. Besides that she is sweet, and within no-time she wrapped the toddlers around her finger. Lucas felt at ease with her and looked her up many times to play together. Because of that, I was at ease too, and felt safe to close my eyes during meditations. On top of that she gave valuable feedback and information based on her observations, and shared interesting theories from her profession.

Loes makes sharp observations and is in tune with what is necessary per situation. She radiates peace and has a nice voice, which is pleasant during meditations. Thank you for all the knowledge and skills, this training was a special journey.”

Iris (34, mother of Maan)

“Loes is a warm, understanding trainer, with a lot of knowledge. She guides you well. She is sincere and speaks open an honost about her own experiences. She can summarize your story and pose questions that make you think.

Julia is a good and comfortable trainer with a lot of knowledge. She guided me and my pre-schooler well, even when I was meditating with my eyes closed. She describes and explains the toddlers universe very well.

Loes gives you a sense of trust and confidence. She will ask good follow-up questions, and when you get off topic she will bring you back politely and empathically. She applies her knowledge with precision.

Julia has a lot of applied knowledge. She can name the behaviours of your toddler with precision, as well as explain the theory behind it. She gives a feeling of trust and the children feel at ease with her. She guides them well.”

– Thank you Iris and Floor for your fantastic feedback, and for your motivation and hard work during the training!

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