8 week training

Resilient to stress and fully enjoying the here and now

Being mindful simply means: being aware of our experience from moment to moment, bringing a friendly and open attention to the here and now.

In daily life we tend to fly on auto-pilot, getting stuck in habits that seem beyond our control. Running from task to task, searching for distractions, vulnerable to rumination, moods and exhaustion. Our lives can be stressful, and it is easy to get out of balance when we are unaware of the automatic reactions pushing us on.

When life doesn’t go our way and we feel stuck, mindfulness helps us being at ease with the present moment, freeing up space for new possibilities. As we develop our attention, we become increasingly of aware of how we are and make conscious decissions. When we step out of the autopilot, we can deal with stress effectively and also fully enjoy the beautiful moments of our life.

‘For me, mindfulness has proven to be very practical and applicable. Mindfulness helps me to judge less, and to be kind towards myself and others.” – Martje

Why invest in a training?

Simply being present is not all that easy. The auto-pilot is firmly embedded in our mind. Mindfulness is a skill that you build up over time. During the training you practice daily for eight weeks, giving you the opportunity to discover what mindfulness can do for you. The program, trainer and group can support you in developing a mindfulness practice that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

The program

The MBSR / MBCT program is a solid attention training with exercises to make you mentally fit and resilient to stress. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven over the past 35 years, so you don’t have to believe in mindfulness to benefit from it.

What you learn:

  • To meditate and apply mindfulness in daily life
  • Focus attention and develop awareness
  • Recognize automatic reactions and make healthier choices
  • Dealing consciously with stressful and difficult moments
  • Apply mindfulness in a way that suits you
For whom?

The program can be valuable for anyone who wants to develop awareness. It is especially effective in dealing with (work) stress, burnout, rumination, depression and insomnia. Many insurance companies reimburse this training! Check the Zorgwijzer for details.

Which training fits you?

Your circumstances are unique. Therefore I offer the training in a group setting, one-on-one on location, and online.

Often the group setting is most effective. A group gives you support, shares valuable insights and helps you to develop the discipline to practice. It is a joined journey, and that makes it special.

It is possible that you prefer to do the training one-on-one. The benefit is that you can choose a moment for the sessions that fits your life. It is also possible to adapt the program to your needs, and to do the training together with a partner. I offer courses face to face in the Amsterdam and Utrecht area, and online through Skype or Zoom.

Have you already followed a course and are you looking for further support? Look here for our mindfulness boosts, retreats and workshops.

Free consultation

Get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation by phone, and find out what mindfulness can do for you.


Free intro workshop

Experience mindfulness for yourself, meet the trainer and learn about the program.

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One-on-one on location

In the Amsterdam and Utrecht area, at your convenience, at home or nearby. Prices starting at 800 EUR incl. VAT.


One-on-one online

The sessions at your convenience, via Skype or Zoom.
Prices starting at 575 EUR incl. VAT.

Participants about this training

The training is rated with a 9/10 by participants.

“Thank you so much for this experience. It was more than I could hope. A big stepping stone in my life.” – Esther (38 jaar)

The mindfulness training was a real eye opener. In the beginning I had trouble practicing at home, but as the training progressed I could become milder towards myself and that was exactly when I started to practice more effortlessly.
Loes knows how to convey this like no other, with a lot of peace and patience and a very pleasant voice. She
has a very pleasant way of teaching.” – Ellen

“I am starting to become aware of how I sometimes hamper myself. I recognize negative influences and thoughts much quicker. I learned that I do not always need to explain everything.
The trainer listens very well, know how to curb stories and refocus the attention to what matters. She is caring and professional.”
– Jan (68)

“I am more focussed, am able to do things with more attention. I have less panic attacks and a bit more peace.” – Hanna