One-on-one online

There can be many reasons to do an online course. Perhaps there is no trainer close to you, or you travel a lot, or you prefer the privacy of a course in your own house. Then it is possible to follow the 8-week course through Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

How it works:

We will begin the training with a personal intake in which we can get to know each other, and discuss your personal goals and challenges, preferences and needs. This conversation takes up to 45 minutes and is free of charge.

In the intake we will discuss which program suits you best. I offer a course with an emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction, and another course that emphasizes resilience to rumination and depressive complaints. The length of the homework meditations can vary as well. When we look closely into your needs, we can determine the best course for you.

We will then plan all 8 sessions, preferibly at the same moment every week. This will help you in your process, to establish a friendly discipline in your own practice.

The sessions will take place through Skype or Zoom. This gives you great flexibility, but that also comes with risks. You may be tempted to cram sessions into a busy schedule. However, mindfulness flourishes in a calm environment. Therefore I recomend that you create a place for yourself where you can do all your meditations, and that you log in for the sessions from the same location. It is important to be present at least five minutes in advance, to optimally benefit from the guidance.

For our communication to be optimal, it is important that we can see and hear each other well. Therefore make sure that you have access to a stable internet connection, and I advice to use a screen at least the size of a tablet. I will make sure to be visible with my whole upper body.

Compared to the group training, the sessions are shorter. The meditations during the sessions are shorter and some smaller exercises have been let out. They will however be part of the workbook, to allow you to do them at your leisure.

Working one-on-one allows for a deeper exploration of themes that are relevant to you. I can also attune the sessions to your specific process. If you encounter obstacles in your home practice, you are always welcome to call, as I am your trainer for the whole process. So in spite of missing group support, you can still do a complete and in depth training.

Together with a partner

Perhaps you and your partner would like to train together. There are many benefits: it is easier to do the homework, you can share your insights and challenges and when you want to implement changes in your daily life you can support each other.

If you have small children it is possible to create a family program in combination with Mindful with your little one.

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One-on-one online
  • Sessions at your convenience
  • Via Skype of Zoom
  • 8 weekly sessions of 1 hour
  • Personal intake of 45 minutes
  • Workbook, audio en weekly mail
  • Home practice of about half an hour
  • Mini session included
  • Price: 525 EUR incl. VAT
  • Price for employers: 625 EUR excl. VAT


With your partner online
  • Sessions at your convenience
  • Via Skype of Zoom
  • 8 weekly sessions of 80 minutes
  • Joint personal intake of 60 minutes
  • Workbook, audio en weekly mails
  • Home practice of about half an hour
  • Mini session included
  • Price: 950 EUR incl. VAT for a couple
  • Price for employers: 1050 EUR excl. VAT


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