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The benefits of a group training

Although the 8-week mindfulnesstraining started out as a training for large groups, nowadays many tailor-made programs have been developed. Group trainings remain the go-to for most people, as they often provide a rich experience.

In this training, one important resource is the group itself. We share our common humanity: facing the challenges of life, dealing with stress, looking to improve our circumstances, and we all wish to be happy. In doing the mindfulness training together, the group can be a source of support, insights and motivation. You bring your unique experiences and perspective, and by sharing this journey, we all benefit.


The group program also includes a mini-retreat: a half day in which your practice mindfulness and compassion in silence. It is open to all former students and experienced meditators, but specifically designed for you. During this day, I will guide you through all major mindfulness meditation techniques. Although perhaps daunting at first, my experience is that most students love the flow and find the day passing quickly. Doing a mini-retreat helps you to deepen your practice, and in doing so, creating a strong base that can support a life-time of mindfulness.

Small groups, personal attention

As a trainer, I look for the optimal balance between personal attention, and the richess of diversity. We work in small groups, giving you enough time to dive into experiences, and enough voices to learn from other perspectives.

Before you start a group course, I will come by for a 45 minute intake. During this conversation you can discuss your goals, your challenges, and ask your questions about the program. Together we will establish whether this is the right program at the right time. As your trainer I aim at guiding you best I can, and the more I know about you, the better I can attune to your process later in the group.

During the group sessions you will then both interact with me and your fellow group members. As you learn mindfulness through practice, we will delve into practice experiences together through enquiry. There is also space to share insights with fellow group members around educational themes.

Learning to practice mindfulness from day to day is not easy. If you run into obstacles between sessions, you are always welcome to get in touch. I will be your trainer for the whole process.

After you complete the program you are not just sent into the wild. There is a free mini session included in the package: half an hour of personal guidance by (video) phone. You can use this offer between one and three months after the program is completed.

Free intro workshop

Experience mindfulness; learn about the course; get to know the teacher.
Friday, April 30th 2021
2:30 – 4 pm (UTC+2)

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Online group course
  • Through the Zoom platform
  • 8 Weekly group sessions of 2.5 hours
  • Meditation practice session of 4 hours
  • Daily home practice of about 50 minutes
  • Personal intake of 45 minutes
  • Workbook, audio and weekly mail
  • Meditation cushion included, for inhabitants of NL
  • Including free mini session
  • Price: 350 EUR incl. VAT
  • Price for employers: 450 EUR excl. VAT
  • 50% discount possible for minimum incomes
  • Possibly reimbursed by your health insurance


Online group training

May 2021: Wednesday 5/5 or Friday 5/7
Time and day to be determent with participants.

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Group course Utrecht area
  • 8 Weekly sessions of 2.5 hours
  • Mini retreat of 6 hours
  • Personal intake of 45 minutes
  • Workbook, audio and weekly mail
  • Daily home practice of about 1 hour
  • Including free mini session
  • Price: 425 EUR incl. VAT
  • Price for employers: 525 EUR excl. VAT
  • 50% possible for minimum incomes
  • Often partially reimbursed in NL:


Group training Utrecht area

On request.

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