Mindful with your Preschooler

Parenting with ease and connection

It can be amazing to watch your child develop and discover the world. But parenting can be dificult, especially with tantrums, anxieties or relapses in sleeping. When you are low on energy you can get trapped in automatic patterns. If you parent on auto-pilot, you loose your balance and start missing out on the good times with your little one.

Mindful parenting

Mindful met je Preschooler is a 9-weekse training course during which you learn to parent with awareness. Step by step you become atuned to the needs of your little one, while at the same time taking better care of you.

As you develop mindfulness, you become fuller aware of the needs and boundaries in your family. A moment to moment awareness allows you to take conscious decissions on how you parent, as well as enjoying the time you spend with your little one.

Mindful with you Preschooler helps you to develop a healthy attitude towards needs and boundaries, and to lead by example when it comes to self-care. The course gives you practical tools for stressful situations you will have practical tools to regain your balance en prevent collisions.
As you learn to observe your child kindly and without judgement, your little one will feel seen, making it easier for him or her to listen to you as well. You will discover when your child is fine exploring on its own, freeing up much needed energy for you. Last but not least, mindful parenting allows you rediscover your child from moment to moment, allowing you to better support your son or daughter’s growth and development. The course has been proven to be effective.

In this course you learn:

  • meditation
  • applying mindfulness in daily life
  • reading the needs of your little one
  • dealing with parental stress
  • creating space for yourself
Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness means to be present with full awareness, to give a friendly and open attention to your experience in the here-and-now. Mindfulness enables you to recognise when you get stuck in the auto-pilot, but it also creates space to enjoy the presence of your little one.

When you are mindful, you accept the reality of this moment for what it is. Instead of resisting how things are, you are able to see clearly what is needed and what is possible. This opens op space to plot your own course and choose your actions wisely. Mindfulness helps you to navigate stressful situations.

When you practice mindfulness on a regular basis you become resilient to stress and depression. In the short term it becomes easier to step out of the auto-pilot, in the long run your body will respond calmer in stressful situations.

As a parent you can teach your infant to face challenges through leading by example. Everytime you practice mindfulness during difficulties, you build up the confidence and ease to become the parent you envision yourself to be.

The 9-week training

Being present in the here-and-now might sound simple, but for most people it is far from easy. Mindfulness is a skill that your slowly develop. Mindful with your Preschooler is a practical training, specifically designed for the hectic family life. When you practice for nine weeks you gain a solid base in mindfulness that can last you a lifetime.
The program is based on Mindful with your Toddler, and adjusted to the specific needs of pre-schooler in conjunction with developer Eva Potharst.

Contents of the training:

  • meditation techniques
  • mindful parenting exercises
  • exercises with your child
  • enquiring experiences
  • reading in the workbook
  • writing exercises
  • education on mindful parenting

Next to meditation, you will learn mindful parenting techniques. You will get practical exercises that you can do together with your child.

It is not an easy feat to develop mindfulness both within yourself and in contact with your little one. Therefore the first four sessions are without your son or daughter. This helps you to get a grip on the basics of mindfulness. To help you integrating mindfulness in the family, your child will join us during the last five sessions. We will do some exercises together, but your little one will also learn to play while you meditate or are in conversation.

At home you practice daily with the help of audio recordings and the workbook. Everyday you will meditate for about 10 to 15 minutes, you do mindful parenting exercises, you keep a diary about your experiences and you’ll be reading background information in the workbook. Mindful with your Preschooler is a nine week immersion in mindfulness. This will allow you to develop a solid base in mindfulness and integrate it into daily life. Towards the end of the course you will be supported in developing a practice that fits you and the rest of your life.

Are you looking for a course that is more focussed on yourself? Have a look at the MBSRit mindfulnesstraining for adults.

Mindful with your Preschooler is currently available as a family course or for individual parents in the Amsterdam and Utrecht area. Would you like to follow a group training? Get in touch and we will look at the options together.

An overview
    • Parents and children age 4 to 6
    • In the Amsterdam or Utrecht area
    • At home or nearby
    • 9 weekly sessions of 75 or 90 minutes
    • + return session after 2 months
    • Session 5 to 9 together with your child
    • Daily practice at home of about 30 minutes
    • Personal intake of 45 or 60 minutes
    • Free mini session included
    • Prices for one parent: 875 EUR incl. VAT *
    • Prices for two parents: 1200 EUR incl. VAT *
    • Often partially reimboursed: zorgwijzer.nl


* There are supplements due to rental of a practice, extra travel time, payment through employer and for English spoken courses. After sign-up a quote will be given.

For whom is the training?

Mindful with your Preschooler is for parents or caretakers and their preschoolers (between 4 and 6 years old). Younger brothers or sisters are often most welcome to the sessions. The training has been developed for those without experience in mindfulness. However, as you learn to apply mindfulness in the family setting, it is also valuable if you already practice mindfulness for yourself.

Mindful with your Preschooler is suitable for everyone who wants to experience this special time consciously. It is especially effective for parents with (parental) stress, who struggle with depression or who have symptoms of burn-out.

Mindful with your Preschooler to measure

In the Amsterdam and Utrecht area I come to your home to guide the sessions. If desired it is possible to find a different location. Are you living further away? Get in touch to see what is possible.

You can do the course as a single parent, or with your partner. Developing mindfulness can be quite special. Often it is desirable to go through the process together. You can motivate each other, and confer about changes in the upbringing of your children. Doing the course together can deepen the effectivity of mindful parenting .

Claudio and Nieske can tell you about their experiences with the family course

The course can be planned on a moment that suits your. It is also possible to plan the sessions with your child on other days. Courses can be taught in English or Dutch.

Are you looking for a program to fit, or a separate session? Get in touch for more information.