FAQ about online workshops or sessions:

– What is zoom?

All our sessions and workshops are held through Zoom. Zoom is an online platform that provides conference calls in so called Meeting Rooms. You can use Zoom through your browser, or install it on your computer, tablet or phone.

– How do I participate in an online workshop or session in Zoom?

If you have signed up for a workshop or session, you will receive an email 30 minutes in advance. In the email you can find an invitation with a link, that will lead you directly to the meeting room in your browser.

– I cannot find the e-mail with the invitation, what can I do?

The e-mail is send 30 minutes before the meeting. Check your spam folder and if the mail cannot be found, get in touch through mindfulness@loesglandorff.nl or +31612844326

– What kind of device do I need?

You can join with a tablet, laptop or computer, with a microphone and camera. It is also possible to use your phone and cast to your smart tv.

During a meeting you will see all other participants in one screen, and it is important that your screen is not too small. Joining on a phone is therefore not recommended.

Apart from a device you need a stable internet connection. Are you participating for the first time? Log in at least 10 minutes in advance, so you can check if everything is working.

– What kind of space is suitable?

We are practicing with directing and developing our attention, with relaxation and calming our mind. Therefore it is important that for the duration of the meeting, you will not be distracted or interupted. Also what will be shared between participants is confidential. Find a room in which you feel comfortable and wear ear phones if possible.

– How should I sit or ly down?

A session from home has the same program as a session in the flesh. We will sit on the ground if possible, and some exercises will be done lying down on a mat. If sitting on the ground is not comfortable for you, you can sit on a chair.
If lying down, you can use a yoga mat or a rug. A mattress tends to be too soft.
When sitting on the floor, a meditation cushion is the easiest. But you can also use a firm pillow or a rolled up blanket. Support your knees if they are not touching the floor. A blanket can be nice to stay warm. There are several postures that you can try: with your legs crossed, a half lotus, kneeling. The point is to sit both comfortably and with an alert mind. Sitting on the floor helps you to actively pay heed to your body. But it is not a goal in itself, just find out what works for you.

Do you have another question? Please get in touch. I am happy to help you.