The trainer

As a certified mindfulness trainer Loes stands out with her calm presence, compassionate approach and clear vision.

In 2012 she started practicing mindfulness as relapse prevention for depression and burnout. Since then, mindfulness has kept her resilient and passionate about exploring life and the human condition. She enjoys the challenge of a good meditation retreat and never ceases to be amazed by the introcacies of the mind.

Loes lives with Irish partner and daughter in the Utrecht area in the Netherlands. Mindfulness is a constant source of strength and inspiration, for living family life with compassion and joy.

Loes Glandorff is a certified mindfulness trainer – VMBN cathegory 1 – and courses are often reimbursed through Dutch health ensurance.

Rating by participants: 9/10

What participants say about the trainer:

“Loes helps you to trust yourself. She asks you the right questions, and if you wander off topic she brings you back with empathy and respect. She has a well of knowledge that she applies with precission.” – Iris (34)

The training was a real eye opener. Loes has a very pleasant way of teaching. At first I struggled to practice at home. As the training progressed I was able to be milder to myself, and because of that I automatically practiced more. Loes knows how to convey this like no other. With great calm, patiente and a very pleasent voice.” – Ellen

Loes is there for me like a seasoned tour guide. She knows the terrain through and through and she is not afraid. I feel that. And with that she helps me.” – Helen

“I loved doing the course with Loes. I felt secure and comfortable. Loes guided us throughout the course, and with the personal intake at home she was even able to make my partner comfortable enough for him to decide to join in. My daughters enjoyed her company too. She has a wonderful voice, asks sharp questions, responds spot on, speaks with a lot of nuances and details, can explain theory, and is sensitive to feelings.” – Nieske